By norahaddad |
Cover art for the 1st Candymakers book

The Candymakers was a very entertaining book. The main characters are Philip Ransford the Third, Daisy Carpenter, Logan Sweet, and Miles O'Leary. Logan is the second primary character in the book because he is the son of the Candymaker, Richard Sweet, who created the factory. 

Philip's the one that always carries a briefcase around and writes in a secret notebook all the time. Daisy's always bright and cheerful and will stand up for the people she's close to- yet that's tempered with sassy wit. Logan's helpful and always empathetic towards others. Miles is Logan's best friend, who's strangely allergic to rowboats, pancakes, and the color pink. He loves books and generally anything that involves knowledge. It's revealed that he's allergic to those things because they remind him of the girl who he thought had drowned, who was actually Daisy (view spoilers for why it was her). 

If you win the candy-making contest, your candy will be mass-distributed in all the stores and you get a plentiful amount of prize money. The best scene in this book was the ending- it was where all the secrets were in the open. Melancholy scenes....? Nope. Nada.                     


Daisy is actually a spy. Apparently, on her mission, she was ordered to steal the secret ingredient and put soap in it (Surprisingly, Philip tried to steal it too). His motive was different though. Philip had grown attached to the candy factory, Life is Sweet, and made a deal with his dad that if he won the candy-making contest, his dad wouldn't do anything to the factory. Philip divulged his bargain to everyone when Daisy's cover got blown. 

10/10. It's enjoyable for not only children, but adults as well- it's humorous and it's completely void of tragedy/drama and the works if you're growing tired of that. Perfect for a chill/uplifting/comedic read that's all in all touching.