By norahaddad |

This had a lot of suspense and danger and felt thrilling. Tigerclaw's Fury can be found in Tales from the Clans, or it can be by itself as an Ebook, Ebook exclusive, or novella. My review:

A former warrior of ThunderClan named Tigerclaw is exiled for trying to kill his leader so he could take over and decides to take revenge on ThunderClan for exiling him. He becomes the leader of ShadowClan and tries to kill ThunderClan and Fireheart- the cat who exposed his treachery and who was the reason behind his exile- in any way he can. Tigerclaw's Fury is open-ended and leaves you wondering what Tigerstar is going to scheme up next.

And as usual, the rating. 9.5/10 for this- I enjoy any tale from the perspective of the villain. You get to have an exclusive look at their backstory from their own eyes, and how exactly they got in the position of doing all the nefarious acts they're famous for. !SPOILERS! Even before he was born he was expected to be the "prodigal son" of the leader of ThunderClan and it came as a huge shock to everyone when his father, Pinestar, left to become a kittypet (a cat who lives with Twolegs, A.K.A humans). It left Tigerstar hurt and resentful of the missing father that abandoned him, and it made the others wary and mocking of him. That harbored bitterness was caged in for so long that he eventually grew to become the tyrant known as Tigerstar.