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1984 by George Orwell 

This book was- amazing. I already had high expectations for it, considering that it’s so famous in the dystopian genre, but it exceeded them. George Orwell makes his world that’s controlled by an ever-watching Party seem unsettlingly real, and at the same time eloquently addresses several important themes.  
To start out with- the main character, Winston Smith. He’s beautifully written and what makes him an even better MC (in my opinion) is that he seems average in the beginning and his personality starts to unfold more over the course of the book. What makes him

Warriors: A Starless Clan #1: River

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River was a bit disappointing if I'm to be 100% honest- the characters weren't as deep and meaningful as Erin Hunter's norm. Frostpaw is the best one out of the three but I'm still holding out hope for the other two, Sunbeam and Flamepaw (the descendant of Firestar who's mad that everyone thinks he has to be "an echo of Firestar.") The chapters from Sunbeam's perspective are just filled with her mooning over a cat named Blazefire, her romantic humiliations, and her friendship with Lightleap (Tigerstar's daughter) that's quickly souring due to Lightleap getting closer with Blazefire, who turned

Twelfth Night

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Viola, pretending to be Cesario *a made-up person* (in love with Orsino)

Lady Olivia (in love with Cesario)

Duke Orsino (in love with Olivia)

Sebastian, Viola's twin

Antonio (Sebastian's friend)

Maria (Lady Olivia's lady-in-waiting)

Fabian (trickster/prankster)

Clown/Fool/Feste (works for Lady Olivia's family)

Malvolio (Olivia's servant)

Sir Toby Belch (Olivia's uncle)

Sir Andrew Aguecheek (Toby's friend)

Captain (Saves Viola and disguises her as a man)

Plot Overview:

Sebastian and Viola are shipwrecked on the coast of Illyria. The captain helps Viola disguise as a man

Page: Protector of the Small #2

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Page is the second book in the Protector of the Small quartet, in which Keladry is now a senior page. Her friend group has expanded to include Merric, Cleon, and Owen, a boy that she saves from Joren's friends, and together, they've been fending off the older pages who are still treating the younger pages awfully. Weirdly it seems that Joren himself changed, A LOT. He went from turning everything into a conflict with her to being polite and friendly towards Kel and her friends, which raises major red flags for Kel. But his attitude stays the same as the years pass. 

Kel employs a maidservant

First Test: Protector of the Small, #1

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Main characters:

Keladry of Mindelan (MC)

Lord Wyldon (training instructor)

Neal of Queenscove (Kel's sponsor/friend)

Joren of Stone Mountain (Kel's enemy) 

First Test is a fantasy fiction novel set in the Tortallan world, in which it's ten years after King Jonathan has decreed that women are allowed to become knights. Keladry of Mindelan, a ten year old girl, is the first to come forward to try and earn a place as a page. The book starts out with a conversation between King Jonathan, Lady Alanna the Lioness (the first lady knight, who achieved her rank by disguising herself as a man then

Apple Turnover Murder: Hannah Swensen Mysteries #13

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This one was slightly more fast-paced than its precedent, Plum Pudding Murder, which I can certainly appreciate. So I'd give it an 8/10. I was interested to see what would happen after the cliffhanger in #12- perhaps the introduction of a new character? And a new introduction it was, although it was... cut short. Yep. THE playboy, THE infallible Bradford Ramsey, fell, quite literally. I think what upped my opinion of this particular mystery is that the victim was actually known by Hannah, instead of a fishy businessman or a movie director with whom she doesn't have any connection. It made the

Plum Pudding Murder: Hannah Swensen Mysteries #12

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I have been BINGING these like crazy- cannot get enough of these yummy cozies, hehe. I enjoyed the twelfth book of the Hannah Swensen series and would give it a 5/10 so there are a few cons. The plot is much more drawn out- what with Hannah avoiding her on-and-off part-time flame, Mike, while investigating- and with the body being discovered halfway through the book instead of near the beginning. The substance was a bit lacking but as I've stated before I really just adore the characters and setting so I can't really complain. The "plot" up until the body being discovered was Hannah hanging

Cream Puff Murder: Hannah Swensen Mysteries #11

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So far I've been highly impressed by this series; for other series that are long-running, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain its original charm. In this book Mike Kingston, the detective, goes through a major character change in Hannah's perspective. He's more high-handed, more involved with others (AKA has a "roving eye"), and isn't included very much here because of his personal involvement with the victim. Not that I'm complaining. His role wasn't particularly interesting in the plot and there wasn't as much humor included as with Norman. It just... didn't feel quite normal? It felt

Bamboo Kingdom #2: River of Secrets

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I've been waiting for this one since the first Bamboo Kingdom book came out. So far, the series is wonderful. I love the rainforest theme/choice of characters much more than Bravelands (which was decent, just not up my alley). It's the same cast of characters with altering perspectives in the chapters; Ghost, the white panda (searched this up and he's supposed to be leucistic, a partial loss of pigmentation rather than a complete loss of pigmentation like albinism *hence the cover art of him*), Rain (the stubborn yet good-hearted comic relief), and Leaf (cheerful and optimistic). The third

Carrot Cake Murder (Hannah Swensen Mysteries #10)

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Carrot Cake Murder:


This book revisits the same cozy cast of characters and introduces a few new ones, like Gus (who sadly doesn’t make it too long into our story…actually, not so sadly…he was kind of a braggy middle-aged jerk. Ran away from home at age 20, got “rich” off of opening a bunch of strip clubs and then came back all high and mighty to the family reunion.) Turns out that he’s not nearly as loaded as he says he is and the only reason he’d come back to Lake Eden was to get an old baseball card he’d left there that is worth $2 million.

Poor old Jack (Lisa’s